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born in 1952, he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts of Urbino under Concetto Pozzati.
His first appearance on the Italian art scene goes back to the mid-seventies, after which he began to hold numerous personal and collective exhibitions in important private and public contexts in Italy and abroad. In the second half of the seventies, after a brief period of conceptual research, his painting acquired greater freedom of composition with abstract and fantastical accents (Mythical-poetical fables cycle).
Pino Chimenti has never been tied in an absolute way to the artistic trends of our times, his painting being characterised from the start by a particular fablelike atmosphere and subtle irony which at times borders on humourism present in his fantastical, vaguely anthropomorphic figures.
At the beginning of the eighties (82-83-84), he took part in the International Contemporary Art Meetings "Anacapri": questions of the arts, organised by the town of Anacapri under the patronage of the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Education and coordinated by Gillo Dorfles, where he met Enrico Baj, Toti Scialoja and Joe Tilson.
In 1985, he was commended by Gillo Dorfles and appeared in the Catalogue of Modern Italian Art n° 20, Mondadori Editions, among
the artists chosen by critics.
Chimenti then progressed towards a new and refined use of colour, while maintaining a strong mythical, dreamlike and ironical component in his work. These were the years of the Biennale of South Italy - Exhibition of Contemporary Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples (1988) and the City of Gallarate's XV National Award, "Modernity for a new, up-to-date museum" at the Civic Gallery of Modern Art of Gallarate (1989).
In 1991, with the cycle "Entelechie immagnifiche", his painting began to be more and more focussed on fantastical and fablelike elements. "Chimenti is continually inventing personal myths and strange legends, and has been doing so for several years" Gillo Dorfles wrote in the catalogue of Chimenti's personal exhibition at the "L'Idioma" Gallery in Ascoli Piceno.
In 1997, his works were included in the Exhibition of Contemporary Art Damsels, knights, arms and loves which was held at the "Gallery of the Italian Institute of Culture" in Cairo, Egypt, and were also shown at the "Admiral Acton" Gallery in Milan in a personal exhibition…
In the recent cycle, "Cartigli ermetici" (Hermetic cartouches), his expressive language has evolved through myth, reality and mystery through the development of a particular pictorial technique and the perceptive ambiguity of his abstract/symbolic forms which make up his work.
In april 2003, Pino Chimenti exhibited same significant works of his la test art cycle at Gallery@49, New York. Subsequently, he took part in the
XIV Quadriennale, Anteprima Naples (November 2003/jannuary 2004) whith a new york entibled, Diptych of identity with vaguely industrious imaginific simbionts, which, as Vincenzo Trione says in his critical presentation of the work alluded to the mutation of man, in a complex tangle of natural and artificial.